What is Algoniti?

Algoniti is a fully automated trading platform for intra-day traders in the Indian stock markets. You dont't need to know coding to use Algoniti - just sign in, create your strategy and execute it on your target company.

Once you start the strategy, it'll run automatically for the whole day. No intervention needed from your side. You can check the trades being executed on your broker's platform.

How does it work?

Algoniti gives you simple yet powerful tools to create and execute your strategies. You can also view your live strategies on your Dashboard, create a template library, and execute the same strategy on multiple scrips.


Once you sign in you're taken to your dashboard which displays all your strategies. You can see the strategies executing currently in the Live Strategies section at the top. Others are in the Strategy List section directly below.

Create Strategy

This page lets you create your strategy. Depending on your plan you can combine one or multiple indicators in your entry and exit conditions. It also lets you add your Stop Loss % and Target Profit % to reduce risk and protect your investment.

Strategy Template Library

Strategy Templates are simply strategies without a scrip attached to them. This lets you quickly copy your strategy and execute them on multiple scrips.

Let's say you executed a strategy on INFY and now want to execute it on TECHM. Instead of creating a new strategy, just copy your existing strategy from your STL and change the scrip name. Done!

How to Start

When you sign up we ask you to add the broker's information

Broker Name
Currently we only work with Zerodha but are working to add other brokers. Please let us know at ask@algoniti.com if you'd like us to connect with your broker

Your User ID
To send orders to your broker

Your broker's API key and secret key
To get a Zerodha API you need a Kite Connect Developer Account. For all other brokers, please contact us on how to connect.

Algoniti is


We do not have access to your brokerage account except sending orders using the API


You no longer have to check your phone every 5 minutes, or worry about missed notifications. Algoniti executed trades automatically on your behalf. But you can also stop your strategy mid-way if you need to.