Algo Trading in Volatile Markets

In just a few months the coronavirus pandemic has caused the markets to go belly up. The markets, going strong for the better part of a decade, started taking a nosedive globally around mid-late Feb this year. The bears gripped the markets and within the next one month the BSE SENSEX lost over 15189 points. In the US too, Dow Jones Industrial Average lost over 10000 points, and S&P lost over 1136 points. Read More


Scope of Algo Trading in 2020

As of March 2020 algo trading constitutes almost 18% of the total trades on the National Stock Exchange. Here is a brief overview of how algo trading started, and its future scope. Read More


Psychological Factors Affecting Your Trading Strategy

As a day trader you might have experienced the role of emotions in moving the stock markets recently. With the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, even companies with strong fundamentals saw a marked drop in their stock prices. Some dropped to their 3 year lows. Why did this happen? Read More